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Weight Loss Legend: How This Man Lost 115kg (253lbs) in 10 Months

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Hey everyone!
To celebrate New Year’s, we prepared a ★ Weight Loss ★ video!
We’ve introduced numerous people who lost weight, but no one has ever lost so much weight in a short time like him!
He lost 115kg (253lbs) in 10 months! He’s the king of weight-loss!

It’s not 15kg (33lbs), it’s 115kg (253lbs)! The gigantic number is making everyone suspicious... This man tried everything to lose weight: from starving, supplements, fat dissolving injections, and even participating in weight loss TV shows!
He copied various weight loss methods, but couldn’t see good results due to the repetitive yo-yo effect…
Eventually, he lost weight using his own method, from 210kg (462lbs) to 95kg (209lbs)! (What’s his secret?!)

We prepared this video, hoping that everyone can achieve their workout goal this year!

#IMSHOOK #wowvideo #weightlossmotivation

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