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Ultrasound Video showing the Cirrhosis of the liver.

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This video shows the Cirrhosis of the liver.
Typical findings of liver cirrhosis in ultrasound are nodular liver surface, round edge, and hypoechoic nodules in liver parenchyma which reflect regenerative nodules of a cirrhotic liver. Finding of hypoechoic nodule more than 10 mm is important for the early diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma.
The cirrhotic liver shows nodular hepatic surface, changes in volume distribution, including an enlarged caudate lobe and left lobe lateral segment, atrophy of the right and left lobe medial segments, widening of the fissures and the porta hepatis, and regenerative nodules.
Fatty liver causes no noticeable symptoms n many cases. Some people with fatty liver disease may develop complications, including liver scarring. Liver scarring is known as liver fibrosis. More severe liver fibrosis is known as cirrhosis.
PROGNOSIS: In underdeveloped countries, the main cause of cirrhosis is viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B virus - HBV and hepatitis C virus - HCV) but in developed countries, alcohol drinking is one of the major cause.
Recovery depends on the type of cirrhosis you have and if you stop drinking. Only 50% of people with severe alcoholic cirrhosis survive 2 years, and only 35% survive 5 years. Recovery rate worsens after the onset of complications (such as gastrointestinal bleeding, ascites, encephalopathy). Fortunately, alcoholic fatty liver is very easy to treat and even reverse. As the liver regenerates cells, it can recover from fatty liver if the cause is alcohol. The patient must stop drinking, and within six weeks, the fat around the liver will be gone.

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